GN Dairies Ltd.

Creating Revolution & Internationalizing Dairy Products & Milk Production

GN DairiesIndia is the largest producer of milk in the world, with annual milk production of approximately 80 million tones. The annual rate of milk production in India is between 5-6 per cent, as compared to the rest of the world, which is approximately 1 percent. These figures clearly send the message that India has the potential to produce more milk than any nation in the world, and moreover, the relative consumption of milk in India is far less.

GN DairiesFounded under the able leadership of Mr.S.S.Randhawa, in the year 2003, GN Dairies Ltd. has become one of the leading producers of milk in the country. Besides being actively engaged in milk production, GN Dairies Ltd. takes the pride in milk trading and associated activities which carry out and promote milching processes in India and across the globe.

GN Dairies Ltd: Overview on Kaleidoscopic Development

GN DairiesHeadquartered in commercial center in Delhi, having an amazing & sprawling 10000 sq. ft. campus, GN Dairies Ltd. at present represents millions of associates and 55 branches spread across the country. The company has emerged as the leading dairy company in India with 50 dairy farms, around 25,000 cattles. The cattles produce fresh milk on daily basis, and are carefully looked after and fed with rich diet.

The company also trades 3 million lts. of Desi Ghee annually, and this is the benchmark.

Total filed force of GN dairies has touched a remarkable 2 lacs mark, and have also purchased ample space for offices in Indore, Chennai, Pune, Gwalior and many other prominent cities in India.

GN DairiesGN dairies Ltd. has 90% of customer service centers and 75% of routine business activities are automated. The company is planning out a comprehensive plan, wherein modernization of existing dairy farms as well as starting new and innovative dairy farms is under the consideration. GN Dairies has a dedicated team working closely with villagers and farmers to improve communication and understanding across the dairy supply chain.

GN DairiesGN Dairy is actively engaged in the growth and development of dairy Industry, milk production, calf & cattle breeding to increase the quality of cattle and yield of milk besides trading in milk and dairy products.

The milk produced by the company is 'farm assured", ensuring that only top quality milk is produced, following stringent standards governing food safety and animal welfare.

Work Philosophy at GN dairies Ltd.

GN DairiesPromoting an effective supply chain management system, where the supply chain is linked with common people who act as distributors. Distributors are self employed and they earn commission on the total amount of sales of milk and milk products.

“Absolutely Hassle Free & Smooth Milk Supply across India.”

GN Dairies Ltd.: Next Plan Move

GN DairiesGN Dairies Ltd. plans to foray in the international markets and import and export the dairy products. We are in consistent touch with many international suppliers/buyers for bulk supply/purchase of dairy products.

  • GN Group is a multi disciplinary and multi faceted corporate group, actively engaged in the growth and development of dairy industry, milk production, besides trading in milk and dairy products.

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